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Help the NYPL!


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Mayor Bloomberg and mayoral candidate Quinn are about to cut funding to the New York Public Library.  Please visit http://www.nypl.org/ for more information.  Fill out the letter form and send it via email, or write directly to the mayor and city council to voice your concern and disapproval.

The New York Public Library is a priceless asset in New York.  It has one of the largest collections of books on all topics and in different languages.  The library system provides free computers to use, free internet, free resources, training workshops, helps New Yorkers find jobs, prepare documents, do research and so on.  It even provides free activities for people of all ages.

The library has always been my home away from home as a kid and even into my college years.  There I found the peaceful environment to do my reading, research and academic work.  When in New York, I usually blog from a library.

This $47 million budget cut will hurt the library system.  Many services will be cut, jobs will be lost and hours will be cut down.  People need the library, especially youth who are often tempted to be on the streets doing bad things.

Please help in convincing Bloomberg to spare the New York Public Library from this budget cut and instead cut funds to planned parenthood, lgbt and other groups that do not support the common good of New York and who are only interested in pushing their agendas.  The library is a neutral institution that provides knowledge to all for free.


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