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I beat Rubicondior! :-)


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Twitter troll @rosarubicondior is demonstrating his anger against me after I defeated him in our debate last summer of 2012 and made him look like the fool that he is.  He is now doing all he can to try to distract from his collapse.  Watch out.. he might throw a kitchen sink too!

Notice on this timeline that I am the only one he focuses on.  Even when I ignore him, he still feels the need to try to mention me or bait me into his silly games.  Similarly, on his blog, I am the only one he mentions and has posts specifically dedicated to me!

He thinks he “exposed” me by posting a child’s information on his blog, but he has it all wrong.  He does not even know my real name, nor my date of birth!  He is clueless.  I offered to prove it on skype by using it for him and I to show our passports and verify one another’s identity, he does not want to do it – he’s scared to.  He knows that he is lying about me.

Notice that the links he and his other account @Yhwh_TheLord have posted claiming to be mine do not work.  They are fake accounts that were made up just for the purpose to have “backup” of the identity he is trying to pin on me.

This person is extremely ill and needs help.  I invite all to just report this individual on twitter and blogger.  Do not even bother to engage in any kind of communication with him.  He is not mentally sound to engage in a normal dialog.

I have private blog with his personal information for anyone interested.  Unlike Rosa who is open with his nonsense, I prefer to do my investigation in secret and with the proper legal and computer savvy amicable channels. 😉

No one is anonymous on the internet.  I will not post his information here because it is against blogger’s rules; however, as stated, it is in a private blog.

Again, please do not entertain this disturbed individual’s nonsense.  Just report and ask your friends to report this person’s twitter accounts and blogs.  “Rosa” will be gone soon.


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