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Happy Earth Day


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Happy Earth day! Today we remember our great and beautiful home. Our “spaceship” flying around in the solar system 365 days a year.

The above is a photo from space using high definition technology. Isn’t she a beauty? Just looking at this picture puts me in to a contemplative mood. 

The Earth is so small, so fragile in a sense, yet so important to us all. 

This planet unfortunately has gone through a lot of abuse, not from earthquakes, storms, asteroids or solar flares, but from a creature that lives on it that sometimes thinks it is God.  This creature is the Human being.

We must care for our home. We must stop polluting it and destroying it. Numbers 35:33 says, “Do not pollute the land where you live…” The book of Jeremiah has a few more verses that speak about humans defiling the Earth. In Genesis 1:26 God commands man to care for the Earth and all living things. 

We must develop technology that does not destroy the environment. We must throw garbage not on the streets or fields, but in their right place. We must recycle items so that they won’t end up in landfills. 
We must conserve water and not let it run without use. 

I hope you take this time to pledge to save our planet not only for us now but for future generations to enjoy.

May God bless and protect His planet Earth. We Thank Him for creating it and us.

God is quite an artist I must say. 🙂 




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