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Pro-Life Take over of Twitter

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The trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell is taking place.  Gosnell is the abortionist who killed hundreds of babies as well as women in his abortion clinic.  He jammed scissors into the necks of babies and snipped their spinal cords.  His actions are just horrendous and show how evil the human being can become when it is desensitized due to abortion.


The media has been silent on this case so we in the Pro-Life movement will take over twitter to get the message across to all about the evils of abortion.


See:  https://www.facebook.com/events/440055226080593/


I call on all my Pro-Life brothers and sisters, Catholic and Non-Catholics, Religious and Secular, all those who value human life to take over Twitter today,

Friday April 12, 2013.


Tweet with the hashtags













Let us inform the world since the media has become silent.



Read more about the case:




Google “Kermit Gosnell”



  1. Lab Rat says:

    This trial is not about the morality of abortion.

    This “doctor” ran a horrendous clinic, with unlicensed staff (they need to be tried as well in my opinion), and abhorrent practices….not even talking about the abortions, and complaints were not followed up by the Dept of Health.

    His untrained staff medicated patients, the entire clinic was disgusting, and he was knowingly violating innumerable laws in his practice. He is on trial for breaking the laws (the late term and incorrect procedure abortions) not for abortion itself.

    • Sacerdotus says:

      This trial is most definitely about abortion and how immoral it is. Whether the child is in or outside of the womb, it is a human being. This is what you need to realize. We don’t become human at birth. Our human existence begins at conception. This is why the liberal media does not cover this trial. They know that it will make the people rethink “choice” and what it really entails – the murder of children. Gosnell was so desensitized after performing so many abortions that he did not care to kill the babies even after they were outside of the womb.

  2. Lab Rat says:

    Abortion up to 24 weeks gestation is legal in Penn and must be performed by the correct method. This trial is about a “doctor” that did not follow the laws or practices regarding abortion and didn’t give two cents about the cleanliness or safety of his clinic and patients. This trial is about murder not morals.

    Just for fun, if life begins at conception and a woman has a miscarriage (from riding a horse or rollercoaster) should she be charged with manslaughter? What about the natural causes of miscarriage after the actual moment of conception?

    • Sacerdotus says:

      I understand what you mean; however, just because a law is a law does not make it just. Slavery was just a “job” over 100 years ago. To those who were moral, it was an abuse of human beings and human dignity. Similarly, abortion is an abuse to human beings and the dignity of human life. Abortion is some thing that must be banned for the mere fact that it is the taking of innocent human life. The trial deals with this issue as well because it shows evidence of what abortion really is: the killing of human babies.

      Your question assumes that women would be careless during pregnancy. I do not know of any pregnant woman who would risk the life of her child in such a manner. Miscarriage is a natural consequence and no one is a fault, therefore, it is not murder. Abortion is intentional and done by a party that is conscious and has given consent to perform the act of terminating a life.

      • Lab Rat says:

        I understand your view of abortion and I kind of share that view, I am not certain on my stance of abortion yet but I like playing devils advocate. I do stand by the fact that this trial is about the doctor and not about the morality of what he did.

        “I do not know of any pregnant woman who would risk the life of her child in such a manner.”

        I work in a hospital and I have to say that you dont know the way of the world. There are so many women who go to have their baby with no prenatal care and have not stopped their practices (drinking/smoking/drugs/hard living) even though they knew they were pregnant. I wasn’t talking about most women and I know these people I have seen are exceptions but it happens. Just as Dr. Gosnell is an exception to the practices of abortion.
        Do you allow any abortion? If the mother were at risk from the child and it would save the life of the mother? What if the child had a deformity that was lethal after birth? These are hard topics to think about and you can’t have a black and white stance on it. I don’t think abortions should happen after brain waves have formed but i do allow for exceptions (like the ones above). I think that having the children born, forced into the “system,” and not having someone to care for them is so much worse.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        If the trial was really about this, then why is the media afraid to give it air time? Think about it. This trial shows the horrors of what goes on in an abortion clinic. I understand there are women who might not be conscious of the reality of pregnancy; however, these cases are isolated and may have factors such as mental instability. These do not reflect all pregnancies. Gosnell is not an exception if you study the many cases where abortion clinics have been shut down, not to mention the deaths of women in botched abortions. The Catholic Church is against abortion period – no exceptions. In the case where the mother or child may be harmed due to complications, the Church advises the double effect approach. Every attempt must be made to save both even if one may die. No one is at fault because there is no intention to kill as with abortion. If a child has a deformity that may be lethal, it is best to just allow nature to take its course. If the child exists regardless of condition, then who are we to decide its fate? Education is the best way to solve this problem. We must do better to educate out kids and teach them to wait, get their degrees, jobs and save before planning a family.

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