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Many atheists claim that atheism is the “default position” in the mind at birth.  In other words, they claim that each human being is conceived as an “atheist.”  Atheists seem very convinced of this claim; however it is fallacious.  I will briefly refute this claim by showing that it is not possible.

All human organisms are conceived when a sperm and egg unite.  At conception, a new human being is created with its own genotype and phenotype.  However, no human being is born with an infused intellect or conceptual knowledge.  No person is born having acquired knowledge from stimuli outside of the womb.  Studies show that unborn children do have memories; however, these memories most likely are related to what the child has experienced in the womb. 

All human beings are born with “tabula rasa,” or a “blank slate.”  There is no information in the brain in regards to experiences while living on Earth because the human being has been in a womb for 9 months.  Even after birth, the brain still does not have experience and needs those around in order to learn.  Babies need to be taught even the simplest of things in order to survive.  The human being is the only organism that needs this attention.  Other organisms instantly know what to do and how to handle their environment the moment they are born.  A human baby will die if left alone and its needs are not met. 

Being that human beings are social creatures, they learn about society via interaction.  Each culture presents to the individual what are called Social Scripts, or how to behave within a society.  These are nurtured and are not part of nature.  Atheism is a social phenomenon and therefore cannot be the default position.  It must be learned. 

Atheism is a social script, not a default of the human condition at birth.  No one is born atheist or possesses an absence in belief of God.  In order for one to not believe something, one must be first aware of that something.  Therefore, atheism as default fails. 



  1. Thanks for finally writing about >ATHEISM AS DEFAULT FAILS Sacerdotus <Loved it!

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