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The LGBT agenda is once again in the headlines – this time not about so-called “Gay Marriage” court decisions. 

There is a big controversy in New York state regarding a lector who was prohibited from serving in the ministry of the Word due to the fact that he is “married” to another male. 

As you may know, since 2011, so-called “Gay marriage” has been “legal” in New York.  The process in which this happened is extremely questionable.. but that is another story.

Anyhow, Nicholas Coppola of St. Anthony’s parish is shocked that his parish has barred him from serving as a Lector.  A Lector is someone who reads from the lectionary at Mass.  He/she reads the readings except the Gospel which is reserved only for a deacon or priest.  

Coppola, pictured here with his “partner” cannot believe that he was banned.  He claims that parishioners knew of his lifestyle and relationship with another man and even attended the “marriage” ceremony.  However, many complaints were filed and the bishop took action.  Coppola was not “shunned” from the parish.  The Catholic Church does not “shun” anyone.  The Church excommunicates, but due to serious matters.  
I personally am happy that the diocese took this action.  It is scandalous to have a lay person read the Word of God while professing a sinful disordered lifestyle.  Not only is it hypocritical, but it is a mockery of God.  In Genesis 19:13, we read how the sinful acts of homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah cried out to the heavens for vengeance.
Homosexuals are always welcomed, but they must understand that their lifestyle is not compatible with God’s will.  The Church must be clear on this.  I hope more parishes follow this example and ban anyone serving who is living a contradiction or cognitive dissonance.  


  1. ContemporaryFaith says:

    this makes me sad 😦

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        because, it’s legal & it’s upsetting that people can no longer participate in the Liturgy due to participating in it… Do you think its okay that he was banned? I feel sorry for him nonetheless… At least he still came to church you know. Usually people abandon it.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        I understand what you mean, but we have to lead by example especially when serving in public ministry. By reading the Word at Mass while having a gay relationship… well that is scandalous and contradicts the very Word of God that he is reading. He was banned from serving as a lector, but not from the parish.

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        Yeah I know – can’t have that.. well I just pray that he continues to go to Church you know!

      • Sacerdotus says:

        I’m sure he will. But he has to understand that the Church is about transformation from sinner to saint.

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        Yeah True! 🙂 Good Catechism should ensure that.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Yes. Do you have the YouCat? I highly recommend it.

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        Yeah! one of BXVI’s gifts 🙂 I’m in love with it – don’t know if I want to be a theologian, a catechist or an apologist but yeah! God Bless 😀

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Which one do you feel more called to?

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        How do you ever know? it really just depends what day it is.. I’m moving to London though to do Catholic Youth Ministry so hopefully that helps… what do you do?

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Well God let’s you know what He wants you to do. I do a bit of every thing.

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        Yeah I just need to be more aware of what God wants… Yeah I like all – do you have a degree in any or are you currently studying like me?

      • Sacerdotus says:

        God will let you know. I have degrees in the sciences mainly in biology, physics and psychology, also in philosophy. Theology will be the next one and then I will pursue more degrees possibly in biblical studies, liturgy, canon law. I’m a nerd 🙂

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        Haha wow you’re impressive! That’s like so much work! I have so much respect for you Lol, I’m currently doing a degree in theology, but yeah nothing like what you’ve done lol 🙂

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Yes! It was a lot of work. But I had a head start in high school and took summer courses – no breaks – so everything went smoothly. I’ve always loved studying and learning. I feel priests today must have the knowledge necessary to engage atheism and other challenges. Theology will not be enough because they consider it “myth” as is, so priests need to have knowledge in the sciences etc to better explain theological concepts.

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        Oh wow okay – it’s so good that you had motivation though! I totally agree with you there – I think they sort of saw this as an element to the crisis of faith around the time of Vatican II.. But I’m glad you and hopefully others are really beginning to take the steps. Most of the things that have gone wrong in the Church are due to clerical error so I’m glad that you’re working towards decreasing that! You’ll be such a good priest I think, start your own show on youtube!

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Yes, clericalism has been a problem in the Church. I’m glad Pope Francis is reminding the clergy and lay faithful that we exist as Church to serve not be served.

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        Yes – well all popes have done that except for Alexander VI of corse… Clericalism, thanks I need to address that in a presentation next week – do you have any good readings on it? Because i seem to be the only one who can see purification in the Church out of my whole theology class.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        I meant Popes in modern times. Clericalism: The Death of Priesthood -George Wilson. The Church goes through her issues every century or so. This has been her history.

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        Thanks 🙂

      • ContemporaryFaith says:

        & that’s true! Just as we grow She grows too! but thank you heaps! 🙂 looking forward to reading more of your stuff

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