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Plan B for Kids

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A judge has ordered that the contraceptive drug “Plan B” be made available to minors over the counter.  This is disturbing indeed.  Parents are upset with the decision citing that the courts are infringing on parental rights and are sending the wrong message to children.  Moreover, contraception is known to have side-effects that can harm a woman and even kill her.  Some side effects include, bleeding, changes in menstrual cycle, bloodclot, headaches, changes in hormonal system, vomiting, breast cancer, liver tumors and endometrial cancer.

Is this what we want our kids ingesting, especially during a time where their bodies are going through hormonal changes?

This judge obviously did not think the decision through.  Moreover, this sends the message to minors that they can be promiscuous without repercussions.  This is a result of judicial activism.  Parents must speak out against this ruling and demand it be knocked down.  This will bring serious harm to our kids and society as a whole.

Ironically, schools cannot give aspirin to children with headaches, but now Plan B which does more harm is free to distribute to them.






  1. Jordan Urtso says:

    Very heartbreaking. I am 22-years-old and am 1 of 3 girls I know who are against abortion. That says something about our society. People have stopped looking at abortion as ending a life. In fact, they simply call it “termination” as if it’s the equivalent to losing a job. The fact that children can take “Plan B” [which is a disturbing name, I’d like to point out – like it’s no big deal that I’m pregnant, I can just resort to (giggling) plan B], without being warned of the harmful side-effects is very disturbing. Our society is sending the wrong message, here. It’s okay to get pregnant, because with these pills, your parents won’t have to know what you did at that party. It’s just a very sad thing.

    And on a side note, I am a woman and I am sick of people saying, “why should the government be able to tell a woman what she can do with your body?” It’s not only YOUR body anymore. It’s not only YOUR life. It’s the child’s, too.

    Great article.

    • Sacerdotus says:

      Yes, unfortunately abortion has been “sugar coated” as a “procedure.” Despite the knowledge we have of unborn children, people still turn a blind eye to the horrors of abortion. Plan-b access to minors is just a horrible decision. I hope it will be overturned. As you say, it sends the wrong message. Have you read my prochoice debunked blog post?

  2. I looked in to this as well and another concern I have is that Plan B interacts with several other medications. The child is not required to consult with a pharmacist, doctor or parent. What if the child is taking another medication? We all know a 12-year-old is not educated enough to know about drug interactions. What happens when Plan B interacts with something she is already taking? I am hugely concerned with the implications of this ruling. We, as parents, are responsible for the actions of our children. Including what they put in to their bodies.

    • Sacerdotus says:

      Big brother is taking too much control. Voters must fight back with their votes. The government is getting too involved in our lives. This decision will cause great harm.

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