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The Fear to Debate Me


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February 2013

This is one of the many ridiculous tweets I have been receiving since August 2012 regarding having debates on my blog.

Atheists message me every time accusing me of being unfair and dishonest.

The accusations are these:

I own the blog and have control, therefore:

  • I have an “advantage.”
  • Can edit or remove comments.
  • Can take time posting an opponent’s reply.

These accusations are preposterous and are just an attempt to circumvent debating me.  My blogs are academic in nature, hence they are licensed.

I do not have any advantage solely because it is my blog.  Everyone is free to comment granted their comments fit the criteria for posting. I cannot post vulgarity, ad hominem or other comments that are not professional or polite.

Moreover, blogger does not give me the ability to edit comments.  I can only remove or delete them completely.  However, if I do “weed” out comments during a debate, then the flow of the debate will be disrupted and will not make any sense.  Any arguments I make will be floating in the air while my opponent’s would be missing.  This would not serve me any purpose if my intention is to educate people on both sides of the issue.  This is why my debates have a format.  They are not meant to be a long collection of comments.

While there may be a time difference on when comments are posted, this is not due to any attempt to delay the debate.  Everyone has a life and a busy schedule.  I am not on my blog 24/7 and cannot post every comment immediately.  In any event, comments posted will post with the date it was first sent so there would be no difference in time noticeable to readers.

The real issue is that atheists know that once they post a comment, that comment will remain there.  They cannot retract, edit or remove it.  This is what they fear.

This is why I chose to debate on my blog.  Everyone comments and those comments are the final word.  They cannot be edited nor removed.  Therefore, each debater must choose his/her words and arguments carefully.

Atheists want the ability to edit in order to keep their arguments as coherent as possible.  This is unfair.  One cannot have a fair debate when the other party is constantly changing a previous statement.

Atheists who refuse to debate me on my blog do so because they are not intellectually confident in posting arguments that are coherent and bring substance to their premise.

My debates are very fair for the following reasons:

  • No comments can be altered or removed
  • There is a direct format on how to carry on the debate.
  • No ad hominem or silly comments are allowed
  • The public are the moderators and decide who did a better job

The charges that my blogs or debates are unfair or intellectually dishonest holds no weight.  They are just cop-out attempts.

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