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Atheism is STUPID


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For nearly most of my life I was an atheist.  I simply did not care for religious ideas and found them to be silly.  I could not wait to run into Jehovah’s Witnesses at my home or on the street and corner them with questions I know they could not answer.

If they were not around, I would approach Pentecostals, Baptists and other Evangelicals who would stand on the sidewalk with a speaker and microphone shouting and warning everyone to prepare for the end of the world.  Their shouts and cries about 666 and how the government would instill chips in their bodies with this code would give me a chuckle and cause me to shake my head in disbelief.

In school and eventually college, I would run into Christian club members and question the heck out of them.  They all seem to give the same answers.  However, when I questioned the answers even more, they got annoyed and wanted to walk away.  To me this seemed strange.  Supposedly God would speak on their behalf and give them the answers right?

As I got older and focused more on physics, I began to realize that God may not be a bad explanation after all for the causality of everything.  Atheism started to make less sense.

Atheism – to be blunt – was a stupid concept.  Here’s why:

  • Free Thought:  Atheists pride themselves in claiming that Atheism is all about free thought.  However, I began to question this for the mere fact that Atheists do not give time to the God concept.  They are quick to dismiss it as a “sky fairy” superstition.  As a science student, my career involved investigating, questioning and theorizing.  I could not simple state, “There is no God, it is superstition.”  This would be intellectually dishonest and a cop out.  Atheism is NOT a haven for free thought.
  • Denial of Causality:  Atheists are quick to dismiss God as the causal factor of all that exists without evidence to support this claim.  They hide behind the different theories surrounding the “Big Bang” or the “Big Splat.”  However, they completely ignore that these events need a trigger.  Things do not just happen, there is reason for them.  Whatever begins to exist has a cause.  Atheism does not answer the question of causality and therefore cannot be taken seriously, scientifically speaking.
  • Abuse of Science:  Atheists pretend to rely on science to support Atheism; however, nothing in science actually supports Atheism.  The “Big Bang” theory, Evolution – two ideas often cited – do not support Atheism.  The aforementioned are effects of a prior causal element.  Nothing in science suggests that God does not exist.  On the contrary, God is often defined in a deist manner in science.  Scientists who have trouble believing in God do so because they try to define God within the laws of physics.  By doing this, they define a limited God that is subject to the laws of physics instead of the author of them.
  • Misrepresenting History:  Atheists will misconstrue historical events in order to make religion look primitive or immoral.  They will claim that the Catholic Church burned scientists and that the Church was against science in general.  This is untrue.  Leaders at the time used the capital punishment that was deemed appropriate for a particular crime.  The crimes of those who were put to death were disobedience and heresy, not scientific progress.  If I lived in those times and went to the Pope and told him that the Bible is wrong and needed to be edited, then of course the Pope and leaders of the time will have issue with that.  The same would happen today if I went to the president and told him that the Constitution is not real and that I had the real one which states that we need to have a king, not an electoral process that elects people into office.  Will the president be happy and quickly jump to believe me and make the changes?  History must be studied in-depth and conclusions must be made with the understanding of how people thought in those times.  Centuries from now, our generation will most likely be criticized for having the death penalty and abortion.  This criticism will most likely stem from advances that deem the use of the death penalty and abortion unnecessary.
  • Contrarian Position:  Atheists often will use the contrarian approach as a safety blanket.  They will deny whatever argument or evidence is presented to them.  This makes any discussion futile and only shows that the Atheist either cannot comprehend the arguments or simply is not interested and is just engaging in a discussion just for the sake of discussion.  He/she has no intention of finding the truth.  This position debunks the “free thinking” claim atheists present.  If one is a free thinker, then one would be objective and absorb whatever evidence or argument presented instead of finding any poor excuse in order to invalidate it.
  • Filter:   Atheists often use a mental filter in order to counter any arguments or evidence presented.  They will judge the aforementioned via this filter in order to avoid looking unprepared or foolish when strong arguments are presented.  Again, this filter does a disservice to the supposed “free thinking” that atheism is said to bring about.  If I enter a dialog already convinced that I am right, then I will not learn anything.
  • Straw Man –  Atheists are well known for their reliance on the Straw man fallacy.  They misconstrue what they believe Faith and God is in order to for it to favor their ridicule.  When closely analyzed, their arguments and attempts to describe Faith, God and Religion are nothing more than misrepresentations.
  • Atheism is Stupid:   The idea that God does not exist or that there is no evidence is unfounded.  For centuries philosophers, religious thinkers and scientists have offered all kinds of proof for the existence of God.  The suggestion that there is no evidence for God is simply not true.  There is indeed evidence for God.  Whether or not one wants to accept it, then that is another issue.  Nevertheless, the rejection of evidence does not invalidate that evidence.  It merely shows sophophobia.

As a student of science, a mere “I do not believe” is not enough for me.  I am a seeker of truth, not a denier of anything that might be truth.  Atheism was not for me.  Atheism is for the intellectual sloth who does not take the effort to find answers to questions.


  1. criticofchristianity says:

    Unfortunately, a lot of those points are very true. I consider myself an atheist, but not the “religious” Dawkins worshipping type. I try to read lots of apologetics and really give both sides a fair go. I am honestly looking for truth. Just because some atheists haven’t got the hang of objective, scientific thinking doesn’t mean that the whole perspective is stupid though.

  2. “As a student of science,”

    You seem to be a searcher for answers, regardless what the evidence shows.

    An actual student of science is content to say “I don’t know”. And they are content to say it without adding to it. “I don’t know, therefore God did it” is not a scientific position or logical answer to make.

  3. phtasmagoria says:

    I appreciate this post. I was hoping you could do a post on this one:

    “There is indeed evidence for God.”

    Thank you in advance.

  4. The moment I say the title I knew this was going to be an open minded, fair and respectable debate.

    “Atheists do not give time to the God concept”
    This is a strange claim as almost all the Atheists I know (myself included) were raised believing in God and became Atheists later. Hence they are already familiar with the thoughts and actions of religion. Whereas most religious people never really consider why they believe in God.

    “Atheism is NOT a haven for free thought.”
    Atheism is a belief (or lack of one) and not an institution so I don’t see how it prevents free thought. There are no priests telling you what you can or cannot believe. You are free to think whatever you want.

    “Atheism does not answer the question of causality”
    Neither does religion. It just claims God created the Earth without giving an explanation of how or why.

    “The “Big Bang” theory, Evolution – two ideas often cited – do not support Atheism.”
    No but they contradict religion and offer a humanist explanation of the universe that does not require God.

    If a scientist contradicted religious teaching, they would be burnt as a heretic even if they believed in God. You didn’t have to directly challenge the Pope, simply having opposing beliefs was enough.

    “He/she has no intention of finding the truth.”
    Generalise much? What exactly is the aim of Atheists then? Are we just villains out to cause trouble for no reason?

    “There is indeed evidence for God”
    Wonderful, show it to me and I will be convinced

    • Sacerdotus says:

      Well as long as the exchange is free of vulgarity, ad hominem and sticks to the point, I have no problem. I understand many atheists once believed in God and lost faith; however, this only indicates that they did not truly internalize God or faith. Most atheists become atheists because of the bad behavior witnesses in a particular religion. Why be holy if priests, nuns, ministers are in scandals? Why go to church if my neighbor receives Communion and then smokes weed, has prostitutes on the side or many be a closeted homosexual? These things happen and turn people off. The problem here is that they put their faith in their peers and not God. Atheism is the rejection of the concept of God, not belief. Apisteuo is lack of belief. Priests tell us what to believe because this is the faith. Priests are subject to believe it as well and defend it. Similarly, our nations teach us to accept certain ideas that we must abide by. This does not mean that we lose the ability to think freely. Religion does answer the question of causality. For centuries every religion has given answers to the origin of everything: a supreme being. Religion has given the how and why. Every religion has a creation story which share many similarities. The Big bang theory and Evolution do not contradict religion. Science has not ruled out God at all. Where did you get this idea? Scientists who received capital punishment did so because they proclaimed heresy. Science has no place in dictating dogma. At the time, other scientists also contradicted the views of those who were condemned. One must study carefully the situation before giving in to presentism. What do you think the aim of atheists is? It seems they are out to promote diatribe instead of seeking answers. For evidence for God, stay turned to my blog for I will be posting a series of posts on it. I already posted a draft of the prologue.

      • “Most atheists become atheists because of the bad behavior witnesses in a particular religion.”
        While that certainly pushes people away from specific Churches, it doesn’t affect their belief in God. In my personal case the Catholic Church in Ireland has been savaged by scandals and while this undermined any respect I had for it, it didn’t affect my view of God. That came later and in an unrelated way.

        “Religion has given the how and why.”
        Religions explanation of life is lazy and unoriginal. It simply says God somehow created the universe for some reasons. The end. It is devoid of an explanation theory or evidence, it is simply enough for a priest to say it and therefore it is true.

        “Science has not ruled out God at all. Where did you get this idea?”
        I don’t have that idea. God is defined in such a way as to be unfalsifiable. You can no more disprove God than you can disprove ghosts. Science does provide an alternative explanation for the universe.

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Studies show that this affects relationship with God as well. People connect religion with God and vice versa. Each person is different. However, scandal is usually the number one cause for loss of faith. How is the explanation that life has a creator be lazy? The explanation that it just happened can be see as lazy and speculative. The difference is that we in the Catholic Church have our information from God Himself who became human. It is no coincidence that the Catholic Church is the largest religion and most influential. The Church is protected by God. Things can be disproved, even ghosts or gods. It is possible if one is clever. Science may offer alternatives, but it still cannot answer causality.

  5. Samuel says:

    Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
    Then how would god come into existence? You can’t really say he’s been here forever; that would disprove your own statement.

    • Sacerdotus says:

      This doesn’t apply to a being outside of space and time. Beginning and ending are factors found in space and time.

      • Samuel says:

        Well, if something other than time and space exists. I guess neither of us can be proved right or wrong at this point.
        Though, I still don’t believe. To me…to me religion just seems silly. Like, if you were born somewhere where people don’t practice Christianity, you go to hell because you don’t believe.
        Also, this quote:
        Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?

      • Sacerdotus says:

        Obviously it does since this universe began at a point and something external caused it to expand. Religion isn’t silly, sometimes religious people are. Big difference. Just because one is not Christian doesn’t mean he/she will go to hell. The Catholic Church specifically states that those outside of the Church who never heard of Christ through no fault of their own, but were good moral people can be saved. The problem with the quote is that it is applying human constructs to a God. What we perceive as evil etc is not to God because God can control it, transform it and can bring good out of it. Evil exists because it is the absence of good, not because God is evil or weak. We choose to allow evil to take place. We can change that.

  6. obviously an atheist says:

    you don’t seem to know much about atheism

  7. useforwhatever says:


    Like a fish denying the existence of water (if water was the the hindu god Vishnu, or the greek god thor, or any other god for that matter)

  8. Daryl Black says:

    your’e post is bad and you should feel bad..and stupid. like i cant even tell you how bad this is.

    • Sacerdotus says:

      The fact that you cannot offer an intelligent critique says much. The post was too strong for you to refute so you instead resort to ridiculous dismissive remarks typical of an uneducated troll. I can tell that you never went to college. In college, professors ask students to compare and contrast many works of literature. If a student hands in a paper that stated “this was bad and stupid, I can’t tell you how bad it is” that student would fail instantly for lack of critical thinking skills. So try again, but this time post something intelligible or no one will take you seriously.

  9. Love the fish picture BUT.. can the fish see/touch/feel/smell that water? HORRIBLE analogy

    • Sacerdotus says:

      I think the image flew over your head. The senses of a fish work differently than human senses. Perhaps you should read up on this. Moreover, the image is meant to convey the image that God, like water around a fish, is present even if it is not clearly visible.

  10. Tom Smith says:

    Right, people who refuse to believe in bronze age fairy tales about an invisible man in the sky are the stupid ones. Why don’t you spend some time thinking about whether your beliefs are actually justified? You know, whether there’s actually good evidence too support your ridiculous claims. Sorry, but some of us actually choose to believe things based on evidence rather than faith or how good they make us feel. Come on, you know all of that god thing isn’t true…

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