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Latina Sin Sabor

It is not news that I can be a controversial figure on the internet.  Just google my “pen name” Sacerdotus and see the many mentions.  I can be found on many Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Atheist, Feminist, Gay and Science websites giving commentary on different topics.

As usual, as I tweet away different ideas I get messages in return.  The messages can be good and of course bad.  Recently, a colorful young Dominican messaged me obviously disagreeing with my Pro-Life tweets.  The engagement got interesting; so interesting that I decided to read some of her blog posts and commented on them.  Many of the blog posts echo the redundant radical feminist rant that unfortunately captures the minds of naive young women in universities to the point that they become fanatical and petulant.

Below you will find many tweets I’ve received from this young lady who goes by the name “Patricia Valoy” as well as her friends who decided to voice their attacks against me and the Church.  The fixation with my masculinity, priest genitalia and the misrepresentation of Catholicism shows an insecurity that many radical feminists portray.

Feminism is a good thing, in my opinion.  When it seeks equal rights under the law such as voting rights, equal opportunities for education and employment, fair pay and so on, then these are virtuous ideas.  However, it becomes a vice when its fundamental principles of equality become distorted with all kinds of sophism and relativism.  The feminist becomes “free” like a bird, but without a guide, this bird crashes into a building head on.

If you notice as you read the tweets, you will see an individual who is angry at the world – particularly men.  Misandry is not uncommon among radical feminists.  They seem to think they exist solely to compete with the  male.  They measure their lives and success against the male to the point of becoming so sensitive that any mere comment that may seem masculine offends them and puts them on the defensive.  They become overly sensitive and interpret any little thing as a male condescending the “inferior female.”

Unfortunately, Ms. Valoy has become a victim of the eurocentrism which has plagued Hispanics for decades.  She lives the illusion of the “Radical Feminist freedom” which in reality is an ideological prison created by Caucasian women in the 19th and 20th centuries.  Valoy is living in the shadows of the white woman.  Latinas must create their own feminism that answers the challenges directed at their culture instead of adopting an ideology that only serves the white woman’s experience.

“The feminist critique of gender essentialism does not merely charge that essentialist claims about ‘women’ are over-generalizations, but points out that these generalizations are hegemonic in that they represent the problems of privileges women (most often white, Western, middle class  heterosexual women) as paradigmatic ‘women’s issues.'” (Uma Narayan)

“Though feminism in origin, by definition, and by practice is a universalizing discourse  the concerns and questions that have informed it are Westerners (and its audience too is apparently assumed to be composed of just Westerners, given that many of the theorists tend to use the first-person plural ‘we’ and ‘our culture’ in their writings).  As such, feminism remains enframed by the tunnel vision and the bio-logic of other Western discourses.”  (Oyeronke Oyewumi)

I honestly don’t understand why Ms. Valoy would construct her life around the views of a race that does not represent the struggles of the Latina.  This isn’t a Caucasian vs Latino thing, but rather, a reminder that the Feminist movement and its platform originated from well-to-do white women who did not have the experiences that the Latina woman has had.  By adopting Western Feminism, Ms. Valoy is supporting the idea of gender essentialism.  The ideas presented in Radical Feminism does not take into account the experiences of Latin women.

Growing up in New York City, I have gotten to know may Latinos.  First Puerto Ricans and some Mexicans.  Eventually, in my late teen years, I came to know Dominicans.  Dominicans are an ambitious people.  They are very festive, love to have a good time just like any other culture.  They come to this country both legally and illegally in search of a better life.  Conditions in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) are not the best.  Tourism is popular there due to the way the government caters to foreigners by decorating tourist areas and also by promoting prostitution which is legal there.  Dominican women like other Latina women face many hardships.  They deal with poverty, men who leave them either for other women or when children are born; there are children to care for, etc.  Many of these Dominican women adhere strongly to their Catholic faith.  They invoke Our Lady under the title of “Altagracia.”

Ms. Valoy in a blog post seems to present Dominican women as being docile and “so deeply entrenched in gender roles and a patriarchal household.”  She describes her mother’s experience as a woman trying to make it in life while having three daughters and a husband who eventually would separate from her.  Valoy’s mother is not the only Dominican to go through this and worse.  What’s interesting is that Ms. Valoy states in the beginning that her mother never adopted feminist ideas.  Despite avoiding them, she seems to have done well as a struggling Latina.  This is because no woman, in particular, no minority woman can adopt the Feminism that was created by and for white women.  The experiences are incompatible.

One thing that caught my attention was this from Ms. Valoy: “I wanted her to be angry, because I was.”  Feminists for the most part exhibit angry sentiments.  One can tell from reading the tweets at the end of this post that there is a lot of anger in these individuals.  Is the anger directed towards men or just out of frustration?  It is hard to say.  Many feminists do come from one parent homes where – you guessed it – the father figure is gone.  Could this be the origin of this misandry?

Young ladies such as Ms. Valoy often enter a university and begin to be brainwashed with ideas that seem to make sense and give hope.  Professors pontificate these ideas that seem to bring meaning and fulfillment and so they become very attractive to students who are susceptible   They become an opium, so to speak.  An opium so powerful that any challenge to it will be met with extreme defense.  This is demonstrated in the tweets below.

Furthermore, Ms. Valoy is under the false impression that the Catholic Church is this evil institution that just collects money and does nothing. This is not the case at all.  It was the Catholic Church who built Western civilization as we know it.  The Church built the Dominican Republic and continues to be a pillar in that nation which has suffered all kinds of political corruption.  To deny Catholicism and God by calling Him a “magic man in the sky” is a betrayal of Dominican heritage.  Valoy becomes a Latina sin Sabor (Latina without Flavor) living the ideas of the white Feminist woman.  Radical Feminism has contributed nothing to Dominican women.

Eventually Ms. Lavoy and other minority women will begin to see the strings that control their every thoughts.  The strings from the puppet master who attempts to assimilate Latino culture by means of gender essentialism.

LOL. The humble priest is bragging. @sacerdotus @tempibones

March For Life

The 40th March For Life just took place.  It was freezing and even snowing in Washington D.C.  Nevertheless, this did not stop the nearly 1 million participants who braved it all to defend and speak out for life.  As usual, the media were no where to be found.

Only local newspapers and media outlets were scattered about.  I did not see Anderson Cooper, nor Rachel Maddow; two anchors who seem to be everywhere and every time “news” breaks out.  This was not expected knowing where the media stands on abortion.

Who cares!

With or without the media the Pro-Life movement will still be relevant.  It was awesome seeing the many young people of all ages present.  Their youthful faces red from the cold holding signs, praying, signing, handing out materials was encouraging.  They were chanting, “hey hey, ho ho Roe v Wade has got to go.

It was also amazing to see the diversity.  The Pro-Life movement is not a “white gun loving” collective of Republicans, we come from all walks of life.  There were Pro-Life people from all political parties, of all faiths and no faith; even feminists for life were present.  Pro-Life marchers of every race and ethnicity were present.  Had Dr. King been alive today he would have joined in the march.  In it “white and black men, “Catholic and Protestant” walked to demand respect for life and rights for those who are unborn.

Since Roe vs. Wade we have lost over 55 million people to abortion.  This has got to stop.  Cardinal O’Malley is right in saying that abortion is not a necessary evil, but just plain evil.  It is mind boggling how this atrocity exists in the modern era.  The extent to which it is defended, even with distorted science adds to the absurdity.

We will be victorious   Abortion will end in American and throughout the world.

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New Year New You!

It is a new year and we all fall into the social custom of making “resolutions.”  These resolutions are goals we want to accomplish in the new year.  The most common resolution is losing weight.  The over-indulgence during the holidays can add on the pounds.  It is estimated that Americans gain over 10 lbs from Thanksgiving to New Year’s day.  That amount may not seem much, but it is and is unhealthy.

That fat collects around the body, usually around the abdomen.  Each of our bodies are different so each of us will store fat in different areas.  Depending on our diet, some of us might store fat around the abdomen, legs, upper arms, or the rear end.  Fat is necessary in human physiology.  Fat is stored energy, or a reserve in case the body does not have nutrients available.  When we eat more calories than we need, those extra calories are converted into triglycerides.  The adult human body needs about 2,000 calories a day.  A child needs about 900-1000 calories.  Anything beyond that will turn into fat and will be stored until the body burns it off.

Fat is a “good” per se; however, anything in excess can do harm.  It is not good to be overweight or obese.  Excess fat, especially around the abdomen can damage vital organs.  The liver is like a sponge and when too much fat enters it, the liver will grow and turn yellowish.  This is called “Fatty liver.”  Imagine taking a sponge, dipping it in oil and letting it dry.  The oil will solidify turning into a buttery substance.  This is what a fatty liver basically looks like.

The liver is extremely important.  It regulates chemicals, nutrients and produces bile which helps break down fat.  The liver also filters the blood of any impurities.  This is why they call it the “live-er.”  A fatty liver decreases the function of the liver.  It will make you feel weak, disrupt your concentration ability, and other problems will arise in your body.  A fatty liver is detected via simple blood tests.  Elevated enzymes found in the blood will indicate that the liver may have too much fat or is damaged.  Fortunately, fatty liver is reversible.  Diet and exercise will eventually restore the liver to its normal function.

Diet is probably the second “D” word people fear after the “D” word death.  We all love food.  Those yummy chips, cookies, cakes, twinkies; oh, that fried chicken, McDonald’s hamburger or Burger King meal hits the spot.  Let me not forget the cannoli, pizzas, rice and beans, and pork chops.  Let me stop the temptations 🙂
These foods all taste good, but too much of them is not good.  We all can live without them.

The foods we should eat are vegetables, fruits, fish, some meats, grains and dairy.  There are no vegetables or fruit on Earth that are bad for you.  These are sacred items that we should always eat.  I call them sacred because they keep us alive and healthy.  Fish is an excellent alternative to red meat.  It has nutrients that help brain development and is generally low in fat.

Lean meats are also good for the body, but should be eaten in moderation.  This means no huge drumsticks or ribs like Fred Flintstone likes.  Grains such has whole wheat bread should be eaten instead of white bread.  Low-fat dairy products must replace those high in fat.

If you are overweight and want to get into a healthy wealth, a diet is a must.  This does not mean that you have to starve yourself.  Instead of having a 2,000 calorie intake, lower it to 1,200.   By doing this, you are skipping 800 calories which will force the body to burn the fat you already have to make up for those missing calories.  The burning of fat equals weight lose.  When you add exercise to this, the results will come even faster.  You will burn the fat you have plus prevent any fat from even storing.  The human body is amazing right?

Exercise is another thing most of us hate.  Who likes to go to gym?  When we were kids we probably preferred gym over math, but as adults…eh… not so much.  Exercise is extremely important.  Our bodies are designed to work against gravity.  We can use this in order to maintain healthy bodies.  Exercise can be done anywhere.  One does not need to buy a gym membership.  A simple chair, a wall, sofa, even the floor can be used to do simple workouts that will bring about results.  One can even use a book, phone, water bottle as a weight.  Exercise helps keep the blood flowing.  It helps the heart and helps with the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body.  There are many exercises that can be done.

In order to burn fat, one must do cardio – or exercises that get the heart rate going.  For those who are young, the heart rate for maximum burning is about 135.  The rate decreases as you age, so it is important that you keep your heart rate at the the right level depending on your age in order to avoid over stressing the heart.  In other words, a person who is 50-80 years old should not have a 135 heart rate while exercising.  A heart rate of 90-115 is suffice.  Cardio can be done with walking, jogging, running, swimming, dancing; basically any activity that gets your heart pounding.  One can walk around, jog or use a treadmill.  If a treadmill is too much in regards to impacts on joints, then an elliptical is best.  Elliptical’s are excellent workout machines.  They are probably the best.   They workout the whole body and also keep your heart rate up.  Exercise programs such as Zumba or even video games such as Just Dance offer good cardio routines.

Weigh training is important as well.  The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.  Muscles need energy to repair themselves and grow.  When we lift weights, this causes tiny tears in muscle tissue (pain/soreness).  Our muscles then absorb fat in order to repair those tears.  When muscles are repaired, they will become bigger and more toned. Weigh training might not be attractive for some, especially women who do not want to look manly, but it is important.  Light weights can prevent a women from looking like the Incredible Hulk.  Nevertheless, it is important that weight training be part of exercise especially if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

So it is possible to lose weight and be healthy.  Don’t give up!  If you start now, by spring you will be a new person, physically speaking!