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Ban the Ignorant Atheists


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July 2012

For the past few months, Atheists on Twitter have been dropping like flies.  In an act of desperation, the #AtheistRollcall trend was created to voice support for the #atheism trend and its tweeters.

A Tweeter on the blog (http://957chatterton.blogspot.com/p/suspended-twitter-atheists.html)  writes his frustration regarding Twitter’s action of suspending Atheists.  He whines about this course of action but refuses to accept that suspension results from the actions of these Atheist tweeters, not censorship.

I posted on his blog and he deleted my comment for obvious reasons.  I wrote that Atheists get suspended not for their beliefs, but for their ignorance, hate and overall immature behavior.

I understand debates and discussions can bring about great passion and emotion; however, there is no need to bully, put down, harass, stalk, or mock those who believe in God just because you don’t.

There is no reason to be condescending and disrespectful by calling someone a moron, idiot, retard, backward; or by attacking beliefs in an immature manner.

One can present reasons for not believing in a calm intelligible and polite manner.  This is where Atheists fail greatly.  They claim to be intelligent and rational, but intelligence and rationality cannot co exist with immaturity.

Atheists on twitter roam around harassing believers and bullying them to the extent that it can be criminal.  In this time, where so many anti-bullying campaigns are surfacing in order to prevent the aforementioned, it is absurd to think that these so-call rationalists contribute to the bullying epidemic.

Twitter has every right to suspend any account that is breaking its rules, harassing others, bullying others and spreading around ignorance, hate, anger, and profanity.

If you are an Atheist reading this and you harass believers, mock them, curse at them, bully them, invite others to bully them, spread around ignorance and hate, what do you expect Twitter will do?

  • I invite everyone to report Atheists who cannot keep their composure and online etiquette in check.  
  • Report Atheists who only seek to bait and insult.  
  • Report Atheists who only seek to offend, bully and mock believers.  
  • Report Atheists who spread falsehoods and ignorance that promote bigotry.  
  • Get them suspended. They are providing nothing but hate and ignorance to the discussion. 

Here are some encounters I’ve had:


  1. Thesauros says:

    I refuse to enter the twitter world b/c I know I'd be hooked. But good on you for taking this stand against a behaviour that is ubiquitous whenever one encounters online atheists.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen a blog post more fallacious in my entire life. First and foremost, it is the theists who are the bullies, the name callers and haters. They consistently take great pleasure in stating that we, and many others, will spend an eternity in a nonexistent "hell" – burning while they look on laughing at the suffering of others. What kind of person takes pleasure in the suffering of others? Even though it is hogwash, they believe it's real and relish in such despicable fantasies. Theists hate atheists, anyone in the LGBT community, women, people of colour and, basically, anyone who is not a white, misogynistic, bigoted male. They think they have a right to shove their nonsensical archaic superstitious beliefs down the throats of rational "thinking" human beings. Theist DEMAND we respect their beliefs that are no more plausible than the belief in leprechauns. Their beliefs are based on 2000+ year old myths. These tales came from people who thought epilepsy was the manifestation of demons. Respect? Really? The catholic church has spent centuries covering-up crimes and protecting pedophiles while hundreds of innocent children were tortured, raped and repeatedly victimized by the TRULY deviant in our society. YOU, sir, ought to be ashamed! I'll start respecting magical foolishness when pigs can fly! And FYI, Matthew is a kind, compassionate, empathetic, intelligent human being who has more character in his pinky than you appear to have in your entire being.

  3. Sacerdotus says:

    Your comment exactly proves my blog post. thanks! 🙂

  4. MrOzAtheist says:

    Twitter accounts are suspended when the ratio of @ tweets to blocks by other users reaches a point that triggers the twitter spam algorithm. It has nothing to do with content – atheistic or otherwise.

  5. Sacerdotus says:

    Well I just use it to promote God's word. It is not the forum to have debates due to the infamous "twitter jail." Any Atheist that does not know how to behave should be reported and suspended.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You don't understand the concept of "proof" do you?!?! Atheists have been silent for too long while you BULLIES burned humans pretending they were witches, tortured people during the inquisition and supported Hitler and the Nazi party. Lie all you want. You're all being "outed" for what you really are by the intellectuals of this world. You're like the snake charmers… eventually the illusion is dispelled and the snake charmer gets bitten by his own snake and the fakery is revealed.

  7. Sacerdotus says:

    I understand perfectly. You apparently do not understand that one's online behavior has consequences. Atheistic ideologies are oppressing man even today in Cuba and China. To present is as some savior is absurd. Atheism does not foster intellectualism. It is a belief based on the presumption of a negative.

  8. Sacerdotus says:

    Ask yourself why are they being blocked. 🙂

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