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No Condoms at Prom


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May 2012

This world just continues to lose its reason.  A school in NY made plans to distribute 500 condoms to its students on prom night!  Thank the good Lord that this stupid idea was canceled.  The school received backlash from the idea of handing out condoms and decided to pull the plug, so to speak.

I understand the argument that we need to “protect” kids, but handing them condoms isn’t protection.  This gives them the idea that promiscuity is ok.  It is encouraging them to be sexually active with anyone at any time.  It is like handing out clean syringes to drug addicts.  The intention might be seen as a good (protect from HIV), but it is really stupid.

We should have as a goal the complete removal of drug addiction, not an appeasement to it.  Condoms are the same.  We should have as a goal the installation of values to young people and not appease their sexual desires which are most likely influenced by the media.

The facts are clear about condoms – they are not helping.  See my other blog here for more details  “Let kids be kids”

Source:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/30/condoms-at-prom-new-york-_n_1556173.html

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