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May 2012

Braaainnnn  Brainnnn  Brainnnnn!  We all probably remember those cries from the horror-comedy “Night of the Living Dead.”  The movie was of course about zombies.  Zombies have always been a topic of talk in many societies throughout the ages.  With movies like “Dawn of the Dead,”  “Land of the Dead,”  “Day of the Dead,” and the hit comic book series now turned into a hit cable series, “The Walking Dead;” zombies are more popular now than ever before.

All over Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, “zombie apocalypse” is trending.  This unfortunately is not due to movies, but to a horrific crime that took place last week in Miami.  Police were called to a scene near a highway where what they saw shocked them.  They saw a naked man eating another man’s face!

Rudy Eugene, a 31 year old was on top of Ronald Poppo devouring his face.  Cops approached Eugene and ordered him to halt.  Eugene instead growled and continued eating Poppo’s face.  Cops shot him, but it had no effect on Eugene.  They continued until he eventually succumbed to the shots.

The story is indeed bizarre.  It is so bizarre that people are starting to believe some sort of “Zombie Apocalypse” is on its way.  The CDC’s blog on how to prepare and survive disasters which uses a Zombie theme was visited in large numbers.  People are even looking up Scripture passages that seem to sound like  God is planning a “Zombie Apocalypse.”

Scripture passages:
Isaiah 26: 19-20

Zechariah 14:12
Matthew 27:52-53 
John 5:28-29

Any one with a good grasp of Scripture knows that these verses do not deal with any “Zombie Apocalypse” but on the coming future when the dead will rise to be judged before God.  The Resurrection of the dead is not a curse of God in which He makes corpses rise and eat everyone still living.

The human being can have a great imagination at times…  

The story in Miami most likely has to do with drugs.  It seems that the young man was under the influence of a strong mix of chemicals that altered his perception.  There is talk of bath salts as being the culprit.  The cerebellum is the most primitive part of the brain which controls motor skills and natural impulses such as the instinct to eat, and reproduce.  Most likely, Eugene had something in his system that increased the function of that section and it overruled the cerebral cortex which controls reason, conscience, the senses and self awareness.  It will be weeks until toxicology reports are released that will say whether in fact Eugene was under the influence of drugs or some chemical mixture.

Miami is a city that is known for its heavy partying and drug atmosphere.  Attention must be given to this issue.  Eugene is said to have been a great student in high school and often preached to others.  His victim Poppo was a graduate of the prestigious high school Stuyvesant in Manhattan which is known for its bright alumni.  Why he is homeless is still unclear.

Doctors are worried that Poppo will develop serious infections due to the fact that his injuries were caused by a human mouth.  The mouth is one of the most filthy parts of the human body.  Unfortunately he will be disfigured and most likely will be in pain for the rest of his life.










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