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Canada Fears Female Feticide

Canada is now fearing that abortions will increase among Asian immigrants due to the evil practice of Female Feticide in their native countries.  Since Canada has easy access to abortion, Canada is concerned that its abortion industry will be used to get rid of unborn females in an attempt to control gender distribution.  The nation is proposing to withhold the gender of the child until after 30 weeks of gestation.
Ironically a Pro Abortion feminist described abortion as killing. Gwendolyn Landolt of the REAL Women of Canada said,  “Is it a right to know the gender of your child if you are going to use this information to kill it?”

They know they are advocating the murder of innocent children.  The ProChoice delusion and distortion of facts is unfortunate. 

Where are the Feminists?  Where are the Pro-Abortion/Choice advocates?  Why are they silent on this issue of Female Feticide?  
Abortion will always be an evil no matter how any one ignorantly sugar coats it.  There is nothing productive in killing an unborn child.  It does not solve problems, nor does it help any nation.


Source: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/canada-urged-conceal-fetal-sex-over-abortion-fears-182650108.html

Tebow’s 3:16

Sports is a fun thing to play.  Attending games can be fun and can cause anxiety as well.  Being a New York Yankees fan, I think I’ve prayed more at both Yankee Stadiums (1923/2009) than at any Church.

Praying at a Stadium is nothing new.  We often see many fans with hands clutched, eyes shut hoping for a big move or win.  Recently in a NFL football game something interesting occurred with devote Christian player Tim Tebow.

Tebow threw 316 yards, had 31.6 yards per completion and when the touchdown was thrown, the national tv ratings was 31.6.  Sounds familiar?  John 3:16.   Immediately during this and after, many search engines and social sites listed 3:16 as a trending topic.

As we all may know, John 3:16 mentions on God sending His only begotten Son to save all and those who believe in Him will not perish but will enjoy life everlasting.

Many were quick to point this out as a miracle.  Is God trying to give a message?  Would He used Football, America’s other pastime?

 Furthermore, the appearance of a smoke ring over the stadium added more to frenzy.

Was this the providence of God?  Who knows… As the saying goes: “God does work in strange and mysterious ways.” 

Source: http://www.nbc-2.com/story/16482529/2012/01/09/tim-tebow-win-coincidence-or-divine-intervention

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today we remember a great American who opened the door to many minorities in this country who were not allowed to grow in society due to race.  Martin Luther King Jr, a Baptist minister had the courage to stand up to the powers that be at the time.

As a Civil rights leader, he led many peaceful marches and fought with words against prejudice, segregation and racism.  His most famous words are recorded in the “I have a Dream speech.

In this speech he speaks about a future with unity, equality, peace and harmony among all Americans.  Some of that dream has been realized, but we still have a long way to go.

Being a strong public leader, he was not immune to controversy.  The FBI kept an eye on him not only because of his massive marches, but because of alleged ties to communist groups.  As suspicion surrounded him, so did allegations of adultery.  King was rumored to have an “addiction to women,” particularly Caucasian ones.   He was also accused in a book of using his denomination’s donations to pay for prostitutes and other vices.  In the 1980s a study of his dissertation found that Dr. King had plagiarized someone else’s work.

Despite all this, his image still remains strong.  King was assassinated.  However his death would not bring an end to Civil rights.  Segregation is now a thing of the past.  Before, there were separate water fountains, separate schools for whites and blacks.  Blacks even had to sit in the back of the bus or give up their seat to white people.  Today that is all gone.  Many African Americans have risen the ladder of success and in 2008 the first African American President was elected.  

Last year a large memorial was opened in Washington D.C.  He will forever be remembered as a great American along with Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Jefferson.

Though not Catholic, Dr. King was instrumental in bringing Civil rights to African Americans and other minorities who reside in the United States of America.  He was not a perfect man, nevertheless, his personal weaknesses cannot rob him of the great work he did in the name of justice, unity, and equality for all.  

May Dr. King’s dream be realized fully soon.  May we all realize that we are all God’s children regardless of gender, race, or religion.