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GOP Debate Jacksonville, Florida

Tonight’s debate was a good one to watch.  Romney and Gingrich went at it with the former being more aggressive than in previous debates.  Ron Paul seemed to be the comic relief of the night by making comments that brought the audience to laughter.  I won’t be surprised if he drops out soon.   

Towards the end of the debate, a member of the audience asked what role would religion play in making decisions as President of the United States of America.  Here are the replies from the candidates that I liked. 

Mitt Romney replied:

ROMNEY: Ron Paul makes very good point. I concur with that. I would also seek the guidance of — of providence in making critical decisions. 

And of course, ours is a nation which is based upon Judeo- Christian values and ethics. Our law is based upon those values and ethics. And in some cases, our law doesn’t encompass — encompass all of the issues that we face around the world. 

The conviction that the founders, when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, were writing a document that was not just temporary and not just for one small locale but really something which described the relationship between God and man — that’s something which I think a president would carry in his heart. 

So when they said, for instance, that the creator had “endowed us with certain unalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” I would seek to assure that those principles and values remain in America and that we help share them with other people in the world, not by conquering them, but by helping them through our trade, through our various forms of soft power, to help bring people the joy and — and — and opportunity that exists in this great land. 

New Gingrich replied:

GINGRICH: I would say that there are three ways in which religion would affect me. 

The first is, I agree with Governor Romney. I think anyone who is president is faced with decisions so enormous that they should go to God. They should seek guidance. Because these are decisions beyond the ability of mere mortals to truly decide without some sense of what it is we should be doing. 

I would say, second, that we have a real obligation to recognize that, if you’re truly faithful, it’s not just an hour on Sundays or Saturdays or Fridays. It’s in fact something that should suffuse your life, to be a part of who you are. And in that sense, it is inextricably tied in with how you behave. 

But I would say, third, one of the reasons I am running is there has been an increasingly aggressive war against religion and in particular against Christianity in this country, largely by…

… largely by a secular elite and the academic news media and judicial areas. And I frankly believe it’s important to have some leadership that stands up and says, enough; we are truly guaranteed the right of religious freedom, not religious suppression by the state. 

Rick Santorum replied:

SANTORUM: Faith is a very, very important part of my life, but it’s a very, very important part of this country. The foundational documents of our country — everybody talks about the Constitution, very, very important. But the Constitution is the “how” of America. It’s the operator’s manual. 

The “why” of America, who we are as a people, is in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.”

The Constitution is there to do one thing: protect God-given rights. That’s what makes America different than every other country in the world. No other country in the world has its rights — rights based in God-given rights, not government-given rights. 

And so when you say, well, faith has nothing to do with it, faith has everything to do with it. If rights come…

If our president believes that rights come to us from the state, everything government gives you, it can take away. The role of the government is to protect rights that cannot be taken away. 

And so the answer to that question is, I believe in faith and reason and approaching the problems of this country but understand where those rights come from, who we are as Americans and the foundational principles by which we have changed the world. 

(Source:  http://archives.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1201/26/se.05.html)

Romney makes a good point that the American Fathers had a strong religious conviction when formulating the Declaration of Independence.  Many Atheists and Secularists deny the Judeo-Christian foundations of this nation.  

Gingrich also makes a good point that leaders need to go to a higher authority in order to run a nation and make the right decisions.  No mere mortal has all the answers and wisdom.  He/she needs God for guidance.  He also makes excellent points that faith is not just something one does on a day of the week.  It is a daily commitment and conversion to God.  I’m glad he mentioned the attack religion is getting from secularism which is starting to take hold more visibly in this nation. 

Lastly, I think Santorum hit it out of the ball park, so to speak.  He says the Constitution is the “how” and the Declaration of Independence is the “why.” He goes on to say that rights are given by God the Creator and not the government.  These rights are not negotiable.    

The Devil’s Law

Today, 39 years ago one of the most evil laws ever to exist took a hold of the country that is “Under God.”

  • This law made it legal to kill unborn children at any moment of time during gestation.  
  • This law attempts to play God by labeling when a human becomes a human; when a person becomes a person.  
  • It is a disgusting law written as a guise to protect “privacy” and women, but at the expense of a child’s life and the mother.  
  • It is a law that in a sense brings back the Pagan child sacrifices done to please serpentine gods that demanded human blood from the innocent.   
  • It is a law that puts mother against child.  Wife against husband, girlfriend against boyfriend.  
  • It is a law that inflates the feminine ego to a point that she becomes selfish, so selfish that her child is worth dying in order for her to do as she pleases.  
  • It is a law that the United Nations uses to force other nations to decide whether to adopt it to receive aid or reject it and suffer.  
  • It is a law that ignores the most fundamental knowledge of Modern Biology, Psychology and Embryology that we all are required to learn.   

This law came from the horrendous decision in the case Roe v. Wade.  Roe or Norma McCorvey brought charges to the Supreme Court claiming that women have the right to end their pregnancies in the name of privacy and so called bodily autonomy.

Here is McCorvey on the left with her attorney Gloria Allred
Ironically, here she is holding a disgusting sign with an evil and hateful message.  However, things changed for the better because now she is Pro-Life!  She was Baptized into the Catholic Church in 1995 and now fights hard to overturn the decision she was the root cause of.  Check out here site  http://roenomore.org/

Abortion is destroying America and the world.  We have lost generations of children.  These children would have been working now and adding funds to Social Security and the Tax systems of the world.  Any of these aborted babies could have grown to discover a cure for HIV/AIDS, Cancer or even the Common Cold.  Perhaps one of them could have been the next Einstein and have developed a way to travel faster than the speed of light.  We will never know now because Abortion keeps society from advancing.  
Abortion is a power trip.  It gives a sense of grandiose.  When one can easily kill a human life for whatever reason and not be penalized, that is the ultimate psychopathic rush.  When one becomes so desensitized that an unborn child is no longer a child but a “blob of cells,” then this becomes a delusion.  
It is a false sense of empowerment for women.  It puts her against her own child.  It is the epitome of selfishness and egoism.  It is no wonder why supporters of Abortion come from the “ME” generation as some Sociologists and Psychologists have labeled it.  
Organizations such as Planned Parenthood which was founded by racist and white supremacist Margaret Sanger makes huge profits off of killing the unborn.  Sanger described minorities and disabled people as “unfit” to exist.  Sound familiar?  Isn’t that what Pro-Abortion advocates say today but in a sublime way?
Courts after courts run by activist judges attempt to rewrite modern Biology and Embryology by legislating from the bench when life begins and when a human life becomes a person.  It is sad and disturbing that such power can rest on a mortal.  No judicial degrees, no position of power can ever give any mortal a say on who is human and who is not.        
Everyday roughly 5,000 babies are killed in abortion.  Their remains are discarded in the garbage along with other medical waste.  It is crazy to think that people support this as a right.  Some even describe it as “medical care.”  Doctors in training are told that when caring for pregnant women they are caring for TWO patients.  Roe v. Wade distorts this fact by trying by all means to discredit the knowledge we possess about pregnancy and when human life begins.  
America wake up!  Is this the freedom we preach to the world?  Is this the land where all have the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?”  
We have modern technologies that clearly show that the unborn are NOT “blobs of cells.”  We have technologies that show brain wave activity in the unborn.  How can we allow this barbaric procedure to continue to exist in modern times?
Roe v Wade is often called a “landmark decision.”  Well yes it is a landmark decision, but not the one the definition describes.  This landmark decision is destroying our most valuable asset as a society: the youth.   
We must remind ourselves the value of all human life regardless of stage of development, color, gender etc.   Abortion is not an issue for solely Republicans, the “Christian right,”  etc, it is an issue that affects all of us and our morality.  
If you are Pro Choice, please reconsider your position.  You know what you learned in Biology class.  You know the science out there that is on the side of human life.  Do not set aside science for rhetoric that is nonsensical and logically incoherent.
If you are young, in high school or college.  Unfortunately many of our universities are staffed with those who see Abortion as a human right.  Do not be deceived!  You have the tools to learn about Biology, use them.  A professor’s views on life are his or her’s.  You pay tuition to learn truth, not get brainwashed with lies from progressive professors.  When you weigh the truth of science against a pro choice professor, you will see that science will win.  
Abortion is not a medical procedure or a human right.  Abortion is the termination of a human life in the womb.  Abortion is a glorification of death. It is feticide.   
I have no doubt that Abortion will be aborted soon.  We cannot continue this evil practice.  If we do, then we as Americans are hypocrites when we put our men and women in uniform at risk to protect the human rights of others.  How can we defend human rights when we deprive them to our own unborn?   
Hundreds of Thousands will march in Washington D.C. for the March For Life.  The media will of course black out coverage of this in favor of something else.   Nevertheless, we do not need the media to spread the message that all human life is sacred and dignified.  Life is a right that no man or woman can give, only the Creator as the Declaration of Independence states.  
See my Prochoice Debunk post for more information on how ProChoice rhetoric fairs against Science, Law, Psychology and Common Sense.  
Roe v. Wade will be overturned for good!  All life will be protected from the moment of conception to natural death.  We are Americans, we always do the right thing!   


PIPA & SOPA  what are they?

At first glance they look like Spanish words, but they are not.  These are bills that will affect how the internet works in the United States of America.

The purpose of these bills are to control the online piracy of music, videos and other copyright content.

I remember when I was younger the big fuss surrounding NAPSTER and other sites that the youth used to share songs and download.  Lawsuits came from Record companies and these download sites basically disappeared.  Moreover, even some young users were sued for heavy fines.  

These new bills want to block links and sites from foreign nations that sell pirated content and want to control payments made to them as well as other things.

While piracy is bad, the bills need to be worked on a bit in order to protect the freedom of the internet and how users interact with it.  

Some popular sites such as Mozilla, Google and Wikipedia protested online.  Here are some screen shots of the protests.

  Source: http://news.yahoo.com/key-facts-u-online-piracy-bills-sopa-pipa-233943377.html