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“Bling Bishop” removed

Pope Francis has removed Bishop Franz Peter Tebartz Van Elst of the Limburg diocese. This bishop was suspended in October after a review of complaints made against him.


Van Elst spent 32 million euros or $43 million American dollars on a new residence and complex.  The complex included many luxuries such as a $20,000 bathtub.  Ironically, this bishop reduced the salaries of staff in the name of financial restraint.  In his defense, he claimed that the money was used for many building projects and not his personal residence.  However, the Pope did not buy into his apologia.


The Holy Father has made it clear that poverty is a must in the Church.  He called on the clergy to use simple cars and to live lives of humility and modesty. This bishop was obviously living a double life and had to go.  There is no need for one man to have a complex with $20,000 bathtubs.  This is just absurd.  Seriously, who needs a $20,000 bathtub?


Furthermore, to reduce the salaries of the staff in the name of austerity while building a castle for yourself is just disgusting.  Bishop Van Elst should be sent to a monastery without the commodities of modern technology so he can nurse his spirituality which is injured.


Complex the Bishop had built




I hope the Holy Father will continue to root out these bad weeds from the Church.



“Hit the road Jack…”



















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